Whether you fly cruise or cruise from the UK, there are thousands of destinations just waiting to be explored and the great advantage of taking a cruise is that you unpack just once. Your floating hotel will take you from city to city, island to island or completely off the beaten track to explore the wonders of the world.

A river cruise offers a different experience as it's very much about the destination, the ships are much smaller and can reach the heart of cities and sail some of the most famous waterways in the world - from the Nile, the Zambezi and the Yangtze to the more familiar Rhine, Seine and Danube.

Luxury Hotel Barge cruising allows you to explore some of Europe’s finest scenery, culture and history in an intimate and exclusive manner with private charters available.

Whether you are travelling as a family to enjoy life on the ocean waves with a full schedule of activities, or as a couple exploring new undiscovered destinations let our experts guide you through the complexities of choosing the cruise best suited to your party.

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