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2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Jungle Book Author Rudyard Kipling. The Central Parks in India in Madhya Pradesh bring The Jungle Book and all it’s character’s to life.


Pench which is a beautiful park in Madhya Pradesh is the inspiration of Kipling’s Jungle Book. Picturesque landscapes dominate the whole park, you drive along waterholes, banks and beautiful Mahua, Tendu, Arjuna trees. It offers amazing wildlife like the rusted spotted cat, tigers, spotted deer, wild gaur and a range of waterbirds near the reservoirs. Madhya Pradesh is also home to one of the best national parks like Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh and Panna.


Kanha is one of the largest national parks covering an area of 2000sqm km and has one of the best wildlife. You can see anything from the illusive Barasingha jungle deer, tigers and wild dogs to hyena, jackal porcupine and mongoose.


Bandhavgarh, is an amazing park for tiger enthusiasts, there are higher chances of sighting tiger here as it is a smaller park and with higher density of tigers.


If you are keen on seeing a tiger,  your best chances are in India as it has 70% of World’s population of Royal Bengal Tigers.


Safaris & Accommodation

Safaris are really special in India, you will feel the excitement when you get the first glimpse of the tiger. Most of the national parks in India are open between October to June. It is important that when you are in the parks you keep at least a minimum of 3-4 nights and only use exclusive jeeps for gamed drives.


We offer the best accommodations in the parks to enhance your whole experience :-



Jamtara Wilderness Camp: Situated in the heart of rural Pench, this is a collection of 12 stylish tented accommodation, lying adjacent to Pench National Park is a perfect base to venture offer on a tiger safari.



Flame of The Forest in Kanha: Which is an intimate boutique safari lodge with just 04 luxury cottages.



Samode Safari Lodge : With just 12 independent villas, offers a perfect taste of the lush Indian jungle in a luxurious setting.


We can combine any of these options with a tailor made itinerary or group tour throughout India, our specialist Associates have an in depth knowledge of this fascinating country and the many diverse options available for a Travel Envy Trip.


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