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Aman Sveti Stefan a fortified village dating back to the 15th century is attached to the coast by a narrow isthmus, this charming seaside hideaway  a former royal summer residence offers an exclusive experience on the magnificent coast of Montenegro overlooking the Adriatic Sea. This meandering coastline of outstanding beauty is home to a series of ancient towns and natural wonders including Kodor a UNESCO world heritatge site.

Aman Sveti Stefan, elegant and understated with rustic detailing and natural materials hosts a variety of dwellings all retaining the historic air and ambience of their surrounds. Original stone walls and wooden beams lend character in some, while soft furnishings harmoniously blend a subtle palette of creams and browns throughout. All are uniquely laid out and many offer ocean views. Each of the resort’s 58 dwellings is individually laid out and decorated, combining historic features with contemporary reinterpretations.

A temple to wellbeing on the mainland’s 32-hectare estate, the spa draws from Montenegro’s more than 650 recognised medical species of herbs and a centuries-old tradition of wild harvesting. Treatments in the nearly 1,600-square-metre spa – which also includes a gym and studios for Pilates and yoga  follow a holistic, personalised approach, incorporating movement, relaxation, therapies and nutrition.


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Beach, Aman Sveti Stefan
Pool, Aman Sveti Stefan
Ciff Pool, Aman Sveti Stefan